Subject Objectives

KMYLS aims to provide learners with a wide range of contexts and learning experiences to:

  1. develop their English language proficiency for studying, working, daily usage and personal enrichment;
  2. develop their knowledge, skills, values and attitudes; and
  3. promote lifelong learning so as to enhance their personal and intellectual development, cultural understanding and global competitiveness.

Characteristic of the Curriculum

Our school-based curriculum, Space Town (KS1) and Text-based Grammar Program (KS2), strive to provide our learners with an authentic and fun learning experience.
We have integrated different aspects such as e-learning and self-directed learning into the programs to develop students’ lifelong learning capabilities. Different approaches are introduced such as Activity Approach, Communicative Approach, Cooperative Learning and Project-based Learning Approach in order to develop student-centred learning and to cater for our students’ needs.

Space Town (KS1)
The program focuses on the teaching of reading and phonics. It provides students with the opportunity to develop the ability to transfer their knowledge to new situations both spoken and written.

Text-based Grammar Program (KS2)
The program focuses on promoting a highly contextualized approach to grammar teaching and improving students’ writing ability. In the program, students are given opportunities to understand the forms and functions of the target language items and structures. They can also explore the relationship between language forms, functions and different text types within various contexts.

Activities & Major Achievements (2022-2023)


  1. Christmas English Fun Day
  2. English Drama Team
  3. Enrichment Class
  4. English Ambassadors
  5. Lunch Time Activities
  6. Prose Reading Training Session


  1. Calligraphy Competition
  2. English Fun Day
  3. Shared Reading Program
  4. Cambridge English Writing Competition


  1. 74th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival
    .6 – 1st Place
    .6 – 2nd Place
    .5 – 3rd Place
  2. Solo Verse and Story Telling Competition (YL and TM Districts)
    .6 – Merit
    .1 – 3rd Place
  3. 23rd Annual English Storytelling Competition
    .2 – Proficiency
  4. 全港校際徵文大賽
    .1 個季軍
  5. 全港十八區元朗區英語朗誦比賽
    .1 個冠軍
  6. 元朗及屯門區小學中英文朗誦暨演講比賽
    .1 個季軍
    .6 個優異奬
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